A simple, hosted Airflow alternative

Your code runs in your own AWS environment
CloudReactor orchestrates and monitors your tasks, just like Airflow
Get up and running in 15 minutes. No need for lengthy Airflow setup or tutorials

How It Works

Write code locally, push to AWS with one command
With a single ./deploy command:
  1. Build your code and dependencies into a container image
  2. Upload the image to AWS Elastic Container Registry
Manage everything online
3. Use CloudReactor's web-based dashboard to:
  • Combine tasks into workflows
  • Schedule, stop & start tasks / workflows: tasks run on AWS ECS Fargate
  • Monitor current status & historical executions
  • Set alerts

Key feature comparison

30 minutes to deploying your first task
1-2 days minimum. Need to setup hardware (server, database, message queues), install packages + dependencies
Hosted solution. Zero maintenance of CloudReactor instance required.
Need to set up monitoring on Airflow server. Installing upgrades to Airflow packages and dependencies is time consuming and could lead to a system halt
Learning curve
Code in your existing language. Code is deployed as a task to AWS ECS
Need to learn Airflow-specific concepts such as operators, hooks, DAGs, workers and schedulers. Extensive tutorials available online.
Creating workflows
Create workflows in seconds (really) with a UI-based editor
Workflows (DAGs) are defined via code. This allows for extreme flexibility, but also makes creation onerous
Fully supported
Open source: no support available
Compute capacity for running tasks
Runs serverless on AWS ECS Fargate. Scaling is simple
Airflow instances have to be provisioned for peak capacity. Scaling capacity may not be straightforward

Getting Started

Link AWS with CloudReactor
Configure new task
Add task code
Deploy to AWS
Run the CloudReactor command-line wizard. It connects to your AWS environment, and allows you to set up all required AWS infrastructure to support serverless tasks -- for example, ECS clusters, VPC, subnets, and CloudReactor IAM role. Finally, it imports the settings required so you can manage tasks within CloudReactor.
Tell CloudReactor which AWS account to push tasks to
Add entry for task (new_task) in manifest
$ ./deploy.sh staging Loading...


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