Migrate to the Cloud
CloudReactor makes deploying and managing serverless tasks on the cloud incredibly easy
Stop managing servers or VMs and worrying about scaling.
Serverless enables easier scalability to meet demand—
meaning you only pay for what you need.
Code in any language you want and continue to enjoy all the benefits of version control
Create Powerful Workflows
Combine individual tasks together with branching logic to create powerful workflows
Easy Management & Visibility
View the status of tasks and workflows at a single glance
Configure run schedules, restart tasks or services, and access logs with just a few clicks
Setup SMS, Slack, or email alerts

Why CloudReactor?

Easily create, monitor and manage serverless tasks & workflows

Faster Control
Start, stop, configure and debug tasks with just a few clicks.
Minimize Downtime
React faster with alerts and easy log access when incidents occur.
Zero Maintenance
No need to build or set up your own scheduler, monitoring, SMS/email alerts, etc.
Improve Transparency
Always know what's happening, what's succeeded, what's failed, and what's running now.


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Getting Started

See how you can get your existing tasks onto the CloudReactor platform

Install CloudFormation template
Enter AWS parameters
Configuring a new task
Port your code
Deploy to AWS
The CloudFormation template allows CloudReactor to control tasks that are hosted in your AWS environment.
Set Up Docker
Configure CloudReactor Settings
$ ./docker_deploy.sh staging Loading...
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